George Strait

The man behind George Strait's 50th #1 Hit "She'll Leave You With A Smile."

George Strait
Country Music Artist

Gary Allan"I’ve written with Odie Blackmon for many years and have learned a lot from him in that time. He makes songwriting an exciting and almost therapeutic experience each time you sit down to write. Anyone from a beginner to a seasoned professional in the songwriting realm can learn from Odie."

Gary Allan
Multi-Platinum Recording Artist

Lee Ann Womack"You can look for a lifetime and never find a song like 'I May Hate Myself In The Morning.' I was so fortunate that Odie brought me this song, it has meant as much to me and my career as any that I have ever recorded."

Lee Ann Womack
Multi-Platinum Recording Artist, Grammy-nominee

Connie Bradley"Not only does Odie Blackmon know how to write hit songs, he knows how to effectively communicate this process to help aspiring songwriters better their craft as well. ASCAP is proud to have celebrated many successes with Odie for his songwriting achievements, and now, we are just as pleased to see him continue the legacy of giving back to the songwriting community through his recent educational DVD."

Connie Bradley
Senior VP, ASCAP

Bart Herbison"Odie Blackmon lays out this instructional video in a comprehensive, yet easy to understand way. If you are an aspiring professional songwriter or even a serious hobbyist, this is a MUST HAVE."

Bart Herbison
Executive Director, Nashville Songwriters Association International

Jim Lauderdale"I've long admired and respected Odie's songwriting. I've been fortunate to get to work with him, and I know that he's a good teacher because I've learned from him myself. He's a master at what he does."

Jim Lauderdale
Grammy winning artist, hit songwriter, and member of Elvis Costello

Doug Waterman"Blackmon is not only a great song craftsman and hit writer, but he’s also an accurate, understandable communicator of the songwriting process and its flow. Songwriters who are aspiring to be professionals are in need of a visual, interactive tool like this DVD."

Doug Waterman
American Songwriter